League of Legends Academy

Team Members


Bradon Chen

Bradon ‘Brandini’ Chen, once known as ‘BrandonFTW’, is the Top Laner for TSM Academy, joining the team in the 2018 pre-season. He played for Phoenix1 and Echo Fox in the past two years as a substitute prior to joining TSM Academy. His few games in the LCS have generated a number of highlight clips, contributing towards his rising publicity. Now that he has a starting position, he is looking to show his worth as a top laner and continue making standout performances worthy of an LCS player.


Jonathan Armao

Jonathan ‘Grig’ Armao, also known previously as ‘Grigne’, is the Jungler for TSM Academy, signing with the team in in the 2018 pre-season. Although he had previously been a part of several academy squad rosters prior to joining TSM Academy and played a few games as a substitute for Echo Fox in the 2017 LCS season, he is most well-known for being a high ranked solo queue jungler. He will seek to showcase his ability in organized play through his role on TSM Academy and prove himself a jungler capable of competing in more than just solo queue.


Nicholas Abbott

Nicholas ‘Ablazeolive’ Abbott is the Mid Laner for TSM Academy, having been signed after being TSM’s draft pick in the 2017 Scouting Grounds. Ablazeolive has previously played on multiple challenger team squads, often being amongst the highest rated players on the North American ladder. His play in multiple amateur tournaments has earned him some recognition within the community, but now as one of the youngest players on the TSM Academy squad, he is eager to succeed and make his name within the scene.


Rasmus Skinneholm

Rasmus “MrRallez” Skinneholm is the AD Carry for TSM Academy, signing with TSM halfway through 2017. MrRallez has been a veteran in the professional League of Legends scene for several years, having played in the EU LCS for multiple splits on mid-tier teams before coming to North America as a substitute ADC for TSM’s main roster. His play in the EU LCS has given him a reputation for strong consistency, being known as the pillar that his team could rally around to carry and win the game.


Jordan Robison

Jordan “Shady” Robison is the Support player for TSM Academy, having signed with the team in the 2018 pre-season. Originally known for his support Brand in solo queue, Shady was picked up by Phoenix1 halfway through the 2017 Spring Split in recognition of his laning abilities to support the star AD Carry Arrow. Despite being able to achieve third in the Spring playoffs with his teammates, Phoenix1’s following Summer split was comparatively disappointing. Shady is joining TSM Academy hoping to improve and show that he has the ability to achieve success upon his own merit.