Team Members

hi im gosu

Twitch Streamer

hi im gosu is a well-known streamer on, signing with TSM at the start of 2016 to stream underneath the Team Solomid banner. Gosu is a consistently high ranked player on the North American League of Legends servers and is known for having a purely gameplay focused stream, foregoing usage of a microphone or webcam. He is most famous for his exceptional Vayne play, which has gotten him to challenger on multiple accounts in the last several years.


Jaehyung Park

Jaehyung ‘chu8’ Park was announced as a representative for TSM at the start of 2018. He is a longtime veteran of the MOBA scene, having been a high rated player across several titles like League of Legends, DotA 1 & 2, HoN, and most recently Heroes of the Storm where he is most active. Chu’s skill at climbing the HotS ladder has given him a reputation as a highly skilled personality within the Heroes of the Storm community, being a respected voice within high level discussions of the game and often providing educational HotS content through his stream.